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Strategic Wagering For Major League Baseball (mlb) I

As time has shown, if given the opportunity, people will bet on just about anything and at anytime! Throughout history people have found things to wager on, from cockfighting to bare knuckle fights to horse racing to baseball and much more! In the past, sportsbook betting was limited to fixed locations, with information coming by word-of-mouth, newspapers, and at the event site. With the Internet a new wagering platform was created. The once restricted pastime evolved into worldwide wagering op........ Read More

Barry Bond, Steroids And Major League Baseball

Copyright 2006 David Maillie In the last 5 years the growing popularity and use of illegal substances (steroids) in major league baseball has created a public outcry and led to indictments, arrests and congressional hearings. Some have even put major league baseball on par with professional wrestling as it is now a drugged or ‘juiced’ game and old, lasting records by the greats like Ruth and Hank Aaron can easily be broken by lesser athletes on steroids and have become meaningless. Just l........ Read More

Trades In Major League Baseball

Arrangement the exchanges of the commanders can be one of the greatest parts of arrangement the play. Unfortunately, the it not as simple as one could espéreraient. Initially, it important for arrangement to very begin way in which the transactions in MLB function. This occurs when the amateurs sign their first contract and much concerning the way in which the progress of things depends on certain factors concerning this first signing of contract. For example, if an amateur is at least 19 y........ Read More

Major League Baseball Wagering - Part Ii

In Part I of Major League Baseball Wagering, we discussed many of the basic principles regarding betting, and we considered simple wagers that you could make. We learned how to read game lines and looked at some examples of typical and popular wagering opportunities. We now know how to use this information to intelligently wager on Major League Baseball (MLB). Now we’re going to take a look at more complicated types of wagering, including MLB futures, parlays, multiples, round robins and tease........ Read More

Major League Baseball Wagering - Part 1

Major League Baseball is somewhat of an enigma. Especially when attempting to use statistics to predict a game’s outcome. Even so, there is a lot of data and trends to consider before throwing one’s hands up in utter frustration in baseball’s defiance of probability. With patience and due diligence, a pattern may emerge. But then a gut feeling comes on and the urge to take the long shot is strong, especially when the pay out is big! The mountain of data, trends and statistics are enough to........ Read More

Strategic Wagering For Major League Baseball (mlb) Ii

In the last article “Strategic Wagering for Major League Baseball,” the basics of straight and side bet wagering were explained. By understanding those basics you can garner an understanding of strategic and tactical wagering. As a MLB sports enthusiast, you enjoy the game and follow teams and players. If you’re really into it, you’re probably able to rattle off the stats of a majority of the teams, knowing all the important facts and figures. You feel you have a firm understanding of a........ Read More

The Futures Of Major League Baseball - Betting To Win Big

Futures wagering-- which is in essence betting on who will win their division, conference, league or the whole kit and caboodle-- is extremely attractive because more times than not the odds are very good. With any sport it is difficult to predict the future, but baseball with its 162 game, seven-month season offers an especially daunting challenge. The great thing about wagering on futures is you can bet on various teams-- fairly sure bets, up-and-comers, and long shots-- and in the end either........ Read More

Major League Baseball - Pitchers You Can Bet On

It’s the start of the MLB season and already some pitchers have come to the forefront. Who looks good and has the support to win a slew of games? You may want to wager on these guys all season long. However, before you decide to drop some money on any pitcher, you’ll need to consider some variables other than that particular hurler’s stats. In putting together this list of four pitchers who have a strong chance of winning every time they take the mound, consideration has been given to eac........ Read More

History Of Baseball Uniforms In The Major Leagues

Baseball Uniforms in the Major Leagues: The Evolution of the Battle Suit As you enter the ball park to take your seat, one of the first things that you notice is the players’ uniforms. There is a very good chance you don’t know a single one of the people on the field personally—it’s the colors on their uniforms that immediately tell you whether he is friend or foe. As well as helping you bond to the team, much like a flag for your country, they keep you aware of the fact that you are ........ Read More

Get Equipped Like Major League Baseball Players Do

There are so many retailers on the internet that can get any baseball enthusiast equipped to play a game of baseball. For those truly special kids who have big dreams about training for the major league, it makes perfect sense to take it to the limit and start building a collection of MLB equipment that will last for years. The MLB equipment will also give them the true feel of what their favorite players use when they go on the field and some of the equipment might have been used by them whe........ Read More


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